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Riga (https://www.liveriga.com/en/)

Video material Travel to Riga (3:13)

The largest and most exciting metropolis in the Baltics, Riga will inspire you. Architecture from Gothic cathedrals to world-class Art Nouveau, buzzing cafes and bars and delicious dining from haute cuisine to local market produce are all yours.

City of Riga (source: http://www.ubc.net/cities/riga)

Rundale Palace and Museum

Video material Rundāle Palace and Museum, Latvia (1:12)

Nicknamed the Baltic Versailles, Rundale Palace (Rundāles pils) will transport you to an age of splendour.Designed by Francesco Rastrelli, the architect who also created St. Petersburg’s Hermitage, Rundale is a superbly restored Baroque and Rococo masterpiece packed with art treasures and surrounded by a delightful rose garden.

Rundale Palace (source: http://latviainside.com/visit/rundale-palace/)

Gauja National Park& Turaida Museum Reserve (http://www.entergauja.com/en/)

Video material Scenic Nature of Gauja National Park (2:51)

The Gauja National Park is the perfect place to destress. Wander miles of stunning hiking trails, explore fascinating medieval castles or thrill to bungee jumping, bobsleighing and other adventurous activities.

Latvia is a land of ancient traditions, and the best place to experience them is the Turaida Museum Reserve near Sigulda. Explore the medieval castle and its intriguing museum, connect with Latvia’s musical heritage on Folk Song Hill and take in sweeping views of the lovely Gauja River Valley.

Turaida Museum Reserve


Video material – Kuldiga (2:32)

Drift back to a gentler age in Kuldiga (Kuldīga), an ideal destination for a romantic weekend or family vacation.This beautiful town offers a mixture of Baroque splendour and soulful timber houses, Europe’s widest waterfall and enchanting restaurants and guesthouses to ensure a magical stay.



Video material Cesis (2:22)

Cesis (Cēsis) is a town with an intriguing mixture of hipness and history.Savour the timeless ambience of the old town, get into medieval life at the ancient castle, enjoy cute cafes and soak up diverse artistic and musical events.



Video material  Liepaja (2:31)

Known as the “city where the wind is born”, Liepaja (Liepāja) is a port with uncommon attractions.Architecture from Art Nouveau pearls to historic churches, the Soviet brutalist Karosta military port district, a magnificent beach and rich musical traditions are yours to savour.



Video material  Ventspils (2:03)

The port of Ventspils is a town with the sea in its veins, as well as being a delightful destination for the whole family. Enjoy street sculpture, let the kids run wild in the city’s fun parks, discover the interactive medieval castle or relax on the Blue Flag beach.



Video material  Latgale (1:10)


Latgale is an off-the-beaten-track gem that deeply rewards visitors. From a museum to legendary artist Mark Rothko to awe inspiring Aglona Basilica, Latvia’s eastern region is packed with surprises. Stunning lakes, fascinating traditions, timeless handicrafts and heartfelt hospitality will make this a place you will never forget.

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