Education for children

(Interest-related Education)

Background Information

National Centre for Education (NCE) is a public administration institution directly subordinated to the Minister of Education and Science

  • interest education is part of informal education in Latvia shall apply to children and young people aged 3 to 25years.
  • interest education is voluntary.
  • Latvia interest education implemented and funded by the programme, broken down by the different interests of the sectors.
  • Latvia is the most popular sport in the interests of cultural education and programs.
  • interest in education funding, both national and local governments and other legal and natural persons.
  • funding from the internal regulatory enactments that regulate local parents.
  • education authorities interest educational programmes may be implemented without a licence, and natural or legal persons that are not in the register, shall be subject to licence in the municipality where the Commission shall evaluate all the programmes.

Specialists of Unit of Interest-related and Values Education provide variety of activities outside the formal education for children and teenagers cooperating with municipalities. Student involvement in education programs of interest, extra-curricular activities and events promote useful and meaningful leisure time, formation of national identity and national awareness, maintenance and inheritance of traditions and cultural values, creative self-expression, talent and self-development, socialization and improvement of knowledge and skills acquired in formal education.

For more information about the Interest-related Educationwe call onthe right to refer to the respective local government.

Municipality Contacts

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