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The role of associations, communities and societies to promote the integration of different nationality people in Latvia

Liepaja community of Belorussians „MARA”(founded in 1999)

There are about four thousand of Belorussians living in Liepaja.

The aim of the community is to enrich Latvia with their culture, to preserve their cultural heritage, live friendly and cooperatively with all the peoples in Latvia.

Mirdzas Ķempes iela 26 – 91, Liepāja, LV-3407, +371 29334133



Council of the Jewish Communities of Latvia

The Latvian Council of Jewish Communities was founded in 2003 and unifies 13 communities from 9 Latvian cities:

  • Riga Jewish Community
  • Riga Jewish Religious Community
  • Daugavpils Jewish Community
  • Daugavpils Jewish Religious Community
  • Liepaja Jewish Religious Community
  • Ventspils Jewish Community
  • Ventspils Jewish Community “Hevre Hahomim”
  • Jurmala Jewish Community
  • Jekabpils Jewish Community
  • Jelgava Jewish Community
  • Rezekne Jewish Community
  • Ludza Jewish Community
  • Religious Community “Chabad-Lubavich”

The aims of the council – the development of all forms of jewish religious, social and community life, charity and participating in integration processes.

The Russian Community of Latvia

The Russian Community of Latvia – the association emerged in 1991. One of the founders of the Community was Edgard Smekhov. Today the RCL consists of 15 branches and functional subdivisions in various cities in Latvia.

Russian minority NGOs of Present-day Latvia
The Russian Society of Latvia
The Daugavpils Branch of the Russian Community
Rodnik Russian Society, Jēkabpils
Veche Society of Russian Culture, Jelgava
The Liepāja Russian Community
Vladimir Sokolov
The Baltic-Slavonic Society
Viktor Popov
The Centre of Russian Culture in Daugavpils
Geroida Bogdanova
Old Believers Society of Latvia
Association for the Support of Schools
«Nellia» Cultural and Educational Centre
Sergey Zhuravlev
Society of Russian Culture in Latvia

Lithuanian national cultural society “Rūta”

The aim of the society is the preservation of national identity and traditions.

The society organizes state holiday celebrations, exhibitions, literary evenings, children’s drawing competitions, excursions. The members of the society take part in the Dance and Song festival, folklore festivals, sport competitions in Latvia and Lithuania. This way they introduce people in Latvia and visitors with Lithuanian customs and traditions.


Liepāja, Alejas Street 9, LV-3401


German association of cultural societies

Stendera street 5, Liepāja, LV-3401

This association was founded in 2001. There are about 100 members in the association as well as numerous supporters.

The center was created with the help of people from Darmstadt. The center is available for all people interested in German culture and the German language and links with the German language speaking countries.

The main directions of their activities are:

  • Popularization of the German language;
  • Research in German cultural heritage in Kurzeme and in Latvia;
  • Educational work to promote mutual understanding.



When mentioning the representatives of the Caucasian nations there is a considerable number of people from Azerbaidzhan (http://www.azeri.lv/), Armenia (https://karap.lv/), Georgea (http://www.georgia.lv/).

Arab Cultural Center (http://bakc.lv/lv/)


These people also come together to keep their national identity and traditions.

The experience of the national societies, communities and associations prove that all the representatives of different nations feel that they belong to Latvia.

There are no obstacles in Latvia and in Liepaja to create national communities, societies and associations in order the representatives of different nationalities could come together to keep and preserve their national identity, traditions and customs. They help to establish friendly and favorable relationship with other nationalities and ethnic organizations, to promote mutual understanding among different peoples, to help the process of integration.


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