Main events in Modern History

The history of Lithuania is extremely interesting and rich starting with the mentioning of its name till the events of the 21st century.In 1009, the name of Lithuania was mentioned in the written sources for the first time.

July 6, 1253, Lithuania became a state under the control of King Mindaugas. King Mindaugas is considered to be the founder of the state of Lithuania.

In 1387, Lithuania was christianized and turned into a Christian country from pagan. Samogitia accepted Christianity later in 1413.

July 14, 1410, Lithuanian Battle of Grunwald. The Battle of Grunwald was a crucial break in the two-centuries-long Lithuanian war with the crusaders. It was a struggle for survival. The battle was won by already christianized Lithuania united with Poland. It was a decisive victory in the history of Lithuania as the Teutonic order was completely defeated. Victory stopped the crusaders’ aggression against Lithuania.

February 16, 1918: Restoration of Independence of Lithuania. The Lithuanian Council, under the chairmanship of Jonas Basanavičius, signed the Independence Act in Vilnius. It is one of the most important documents in the history of Lithuania. The document announced to the world community about restored democratic independent state of Lithuania with capital city Vilnius (Source: Lietuva 1009–2009). It is interesting that approaching the 100th anniversary of the independence of Lithuania in 2017, the original version of the Lithuanian Independence Act in Lithuanian was found in the German Diplomatic Archive. It was discovered by Professor Liudas Mažylis. Lithuania celebrated its 100th anniversary of independence on 16 February 2018.

1940: At the beginning of World War II, the Soviet Union occupied LithuaniaMarch 11, 1990: Restoration of Independence of Lithuania.March 29, 2004: Lithuania became a member of NATO.May 1, 2004: Lithuania entered the European Union.December 21, 2007: Lithuania became a member of the Schengen area.January 1, 2015: Lithuania introduced the euro.