Character traits

The character of the nation is one of the characteristics of a nation’s identity. What are Lithuanians like? One cannot deny that in the case of Lithuanians, two most prominent (one positive and the other negative) characteristics can be distinguished: diligence and jealousy.

Lithuanians are hard-working. Parents have been teaching the children this virtue since childhood. Sociological surveys show that Lithuanians teach their children mostly to work hard, while Westerners teach tolerance. Classic Lithuanian literature portraits dignified Lithuanian people. Folk literature is full of songs about work.

Lithuanian women are characterized as very hard-working homemakers: they manage their homes, usually raise children up to the age of 2, like cooking for the family, often grow fruit and vegetables in the garden, later preserve, dry or freeze them for winter, etc.

Since the second half of the 19th century it has been noticed that Lithuanians are very jealous. There are many speculations why Lithuanians are jealous. It is explained that after the abolition of serfdom all peasants who had been dependent on the lord became equal. The lord treated them equally as well as punished them equally. So, the peasants were equal, they had nothing, there was nothing to envy one another. However, after the abolition of serfdom, this equality disappeared: the one who worked more, was cleverer and smarter had more. A sudden change of circumstances had liberated jealousy.

Lithuanians are usually conservative in their viewpoint and communication. They are direct and plain, but they kindly express their opinion or attitudes. Lithuanians are warm people, although at first they can make a different impression. When they get to know someone better, they tend to disclose more personal information. Lithuanians in communication are more modest than emotional. They do not speak much and do not like people who speak too much. So, when you are with Lithuanians and discuss some topic, do not talk too much, just get to the crux of the matter. Lithuanians will not insult the companion in meetings. They will politely utter what they think on the issue and will expect the same from their partners.

When you start communicating with Lithuanians, you can choose any topic. You can talk about family, work, interests, and sports. Lithuanians like basketball. Moreover, national basketball team is one of the strongest in the world.

Lithuanians are persistent, flexible, love light colors, preciosity. There are many positive, viable features. Nevertheless, one should distinguish effort to preserve statehood and established identity.

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