Recognition of diplomas

If you want to continue your studies or to get employed in Romania, the diplomas you got abroad must be recognized and equivalated. To start this procedure, an education institution accredited in that country must have issued diplomas.

For your high-school graduation diploma and any other college or post-graduate diplomas to be recognized you must file an application, accompanied by evidence, to the National Centre for Diploma Recognition and Equivalency (CNRED) – an institution established within the Ministry of National Education. The file must be submitted to the Ministry’s Registration Office or via the post to the same office. For further details see the web page of the National Centre for Diploma Recognition and Equivalency.

Recognizing a diploma means accepting it (or other similar document) as being authentic. The assessment criteria for diploma recognition are: the type of the education program, the number of transferable credits, content, training, field, specialization, professional training, as compared to the Romanian education system, with a view to establishing the level they correspond to in the Romanian education system.

Equivalency is an evaluation of the curriculum covered until the diploma was issued and of its compatibility with the Romanian education system. If the diploma is equivalated, the center will issue a certificate that grants you equal rights to those who’ve studied in Romania.

Full and partial education diplomas and certificates are automatically recognized if they have been issued by education institutions accredited in the EU and the EEA; education diplomas and certificates obtained in a third country are recognized only if the structure of the education system in that country is similar to the one in Romania, and there is an agreement between the two countries, under which they mutually recognize their diplomas. Otherwise, compensating measures will be taken (tests, equivalency examinations, internships, etc.) Automatic recognition is a simplified procedure. The files of those who benefit from automatic recognition are not subject to the regular analysis. If there are big differences between your studies and those that are usual in Romania, than the Centre will decide you should either take equivalency examinations, study or be an intern in a certain institution, for a set period of time.