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Children in pre-school education is compulsory from 5 years of age, but usually training kindergarten are held at the earliest possible date. Pre-school education aims to enhance the overall development and to prepare primary school children. Pre-school education programmes in Latvia can learn whether municipal or private  educational institutions. Children with special needs education is implemented in special nursery schools.

On the local government pre-school education institutions or nursery schools shall be responsible for ensuring the local government, which you live.
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Here you’ ll find the nursery school, located in Riga.
For more information about the nursery school, which is situated outside Riga, we call on the right to refer to the respective local government.

If the local authority cannot ensure your child ‘s place in the municipal nursery schools, parents or lawful representatives of the child, is the possibility of co-financing for the receipt of services in the territory of the local government pre-school education in the private nursery schools.

Pick a private nursery school

places in Latvia ’s largest municipalities have municipal nursery schools tend to be on the other hand, you can also obtain children pre-school education in the private nursery schools. The State partially or fully paid for training in children aged between one and a half years who are admitted in a row and will not receive service municipal nursery schools. In order to ascertain to what extent the training costs are co-financed from the country are calling for which the child will turn to the local government. If State aid amount does not cover all costs of private nursery schools , the difference between the amounts paid for by parents. Riga Municipality’ s co – financed private nursery school here.

Parents’ payments to a nursery school and nursery schools have to pay for childcare, except where it is assigned to any particular facilities. Amounts are usually 2 – 4 euro a day for breakfast, lunch and tea. In addition to expenditure, which should be taken into account are related to hygiene (tooth brush, a change of footwear, etc.) and teaching aids, which the child uses a personally (paints, pencils, paper, etc.). Information about the necessary teaching aids are available at the home page of the pre-school education.

The nanny’s

Since 2016 January 31 May childminders provide government support.

Registers the child in kindergarten

I recommend the child to nursery school immediately after birth. Registration can be carried out in several ways, including by electronic means. Sign up for a  children ‘s municipal nursery school.

Language learning

Children who have not mastered the Latvian language for various reasons, you can with their parents remotely to learn the skills, sounds, letters, words, using the

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Latvian Language Agency proposed e-learning resources.
Children can teach the language of the story.

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