Job seeking

Electronic services are available on the State Employment Agency website:

  • Applying for an unemployed or job seeker status:
    In order for a person to be registered as an unemployed person, they must hold a permanent residence permit and an identity travel document (the refugee status). If you are unable to find a job in your profession, you can register with the State Employment Agency and re-qualify. The State Employment Agency offers courses in the State language only (Latvian)
  • CVs and vacancies
  • Job offer website “”
  • Job offer website “”, the most popular on-line job and employee search resource in Latvia, which is used daily by thousands of users, who have trusted the CV-online service with its vast advantages and opportunities over the years.
  • The home page aims to develop opportunities for volunteering, to ensure and coordinate exchange of information among those, who wish to work as a volunteer and organizers of volunteer work, and also ensure application for volunteering. We expect to bring both volunteers and organizers of volunteer work from all Latvian regions together to provide them the opportunity to apply for and coordinate volunteering in all regions. Here volunteers can find information on the voluntary work offers (missions) and apply for the ones that are of interest to them, while the organizer of voluntary works can look for volunteers that are suitable for their organized activities. Our regional website assistants will help us coordinate work upon applying. We are convinced that only through joint efforts and a common goal we will be able to make this website the best, the most convenient and the most suitable social platform that provides voluntary work in Latvia.

Employment seeking methods

The employment seeking results pretty much depend on the job you are aspiring to. There are many ways to search for a job.
If you are applying for a job vacancy posted on-line, you should know that you may receive an e-mail with additional questions, an invitation to participate in the evaluation group or do an online test, as well as an offer to come to a job interview. Many companies also use virtual job interviews to carry out initial employee selection. You should keep this in mind and check your mailbox as often as possible.
If a company is looking for a low-skilled employee, the job ad may possibly say that it is necessary to contact the responsible employee. Only after a successful telephone interview will you be told, where to send your documents. This method is called initial telephone interview.
If you have successfully passed the initial telephone interview, or if your CV and application letter that you have previously sent in are of interest to your employer, you may be invited to a job interview. The aim of the job interview is to test your knowledge, skills, personal qualities, temper, professional goals and their adequacy for the potential position. Job interview is also a way to introduce you to the company and the new position. Sometimes the first interview is held with members of the human resource department and it is just one of the stages in the long selection process.
This interview is followed by another one, which aims at examining your knowledge, skills and qualities and to acquaint you with the future job responsibilities. Typically, the interviewer is your next manager or any other high-level manager and a member of the human resource department. It is very important to establish good contact during this interview.

At the end of the interview different terms and conditions of the employment contract are usually discussed, therefore, you have to be ready to speak about remuneration and similar issues. Most often, one of the selection phases ends with this interview, so you have to keep in mind that you might either get the job or you might not. Companies often hesitate to respond, but this usually means you are not accepted for employment.

Sometimes the recruitment process involves several stages and the candidate may be invited to participate in evaluation groups.
After the recruitment process, the complexity of which varies from company to company, you will either receive a negative reply or be hired.

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