Clothing (according to seasons, special occasions)

Adapt your clothes to the circumstances, formally for official occasions, informally but neatly and properly for informal occasions.

There are no general dress codes, but they can be there when you are in a certain job area. Think of the police, fire brigade, hospitals, but also sometimes in the hospitality industry. Inform yourself well in advance.

As mentioned above, joggings and house suits are mainly worn at home. When you go outside, customized clothing is a must.

The weather can also be very changeable. It’s best to take that into account when choosing an outfit.

Both men and women wear trousers. They wear anything they like. Hijabs are permitted, depending on the employer. They are not allowed in public functions such as ticket office clerks at the municipality.

Burqa’s are not allowed. Wearing a nikab can result in a fine of 15 to 25 euros and/or a prison sentence of 1 to 7 days.

Apart from the laws mentioned above, the manifestation of a worldview is not punishable or forbidden. Be aware that not everyone is equally tolerant or open-minded. Inform yourself well in advance on whether it is okay or not to wear your symbols.

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