Character traits

Most Belgians visit their parents or grandparents once a week. But this can vary per family. Not everyone has the resources to do so. In that area, family plays a big role in the life of most.

Additionally, self-reliance is also very important. For example, elderly people are much more likely to be admitted to a home when they can no longer take care of themselves. This has also been accepted within society and is not synonymous with a lack of respect for the elderly.

Family care is a priority for many. This does not mean that neither women nor men can have a career. Women do not automatically become housewives when they have a child. After parental leave, both the mother and the father return to work. The father’s parental leave usually is shorter than the mother’s. It is advisable to ask about your rights and obligations regarding parental leave.

Parents often take their child with them to appointments, outings and occasions. Sometimes companies have childcare at work, which makes it easier to reconcile work and childcare.

It is common to bring the kids to daycare or to their grandparents when the parents go to work.

Parents in a family still have the upper hand, but children also very often have a say. The opinions and feelings of the children are taken into account.

Appearance matters

We like to take care of ourselves, that’s a fact. You will seldom see someone in a jogging suit walking down the street. Students are also always dressed up and stylishly dressed to go to class.

We also go grocery shopping with the same decent clothes, for example.

For an evening in, watching television, we dress comfortably. Think joggings and t-shirts.

We don’t have traditional clothing. On holidays, birthday parties and parties in general, some extra attention is paid to our appearance.

We also like to keep our houses, streets and desks clean and tidy.

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