Belgians are known as real ‘Burgundians’. This means that they love food and drinks. In general, Belgian food is very rich. A traditional Belgian meal is not complete without potatoes. Butter, cheese, meat and milk are also important components of Belgian cuisine.

As you can read above, Belgians are carnivores.

Important for people who do not eat pork: pork is regularly on the menu. So be careful when buying sausage or minced meat. There is a good chance that pork will be included in these and many other preparations.

When eating out, it is best to check and ask how your dish is prepared when you follow certain dietary requirements.

Important for people who do not eat beef: beef is often prepared in Belgian cuisine. So you can also ask the butcher, or check on the packaging whether or not there is beef processed in your order or purchase. When eating out, it is best to check how your dish is prepared when you follow certain dietary requirements.

In department stores, vegetarian and vegan options are certainly available. So it should not be too difficult to find meat substitutes at a supermarket nearby. Eating out should not be a problem neither. Most of the restaurants and brasseries have vegetarian and/or vegan options on the menu. If there is no vegetarian or vegan option on the menu, you can certainly ask the staff it they are willing to preparer something for you.
Halal meat is available from specialized butchers and drugstores. These are often located in a particular region of a city. You may find it difficult to find halal in smaller towns or municipalities.


Kosjer is not so easy to find. It should be easier to find in the Antwerp region. Antwerp is also home to the largest Jewish community in our country.



Typical dishes from Belgium can be found here:

Chicory with cheese and ham in the oven

Flickr: [puamelia]

A chicory gratin, also known as ‘hespenrolletjes, made with precooked chicory that is rolled up in boiled ham, covered with a bechamel sauce and gratined with melted cheese.

Mussels and fries

Flickr: fred_v

Delicious because of the taste and the successful combination are a large bowl of mussels with a plate of Belgian fries. Some special mussel sauce to dip your mussels in and a spoonful of mayonnaise for the fries. You’re ready to go.


Flickr: Mary Lee Hahn

The Brussels and Liège waffles are both delicious but differ in taste, dough and texture. The Brussels waffle is light and is made with butter, sugar and possibly garnished with fruit or whipped cream. The Liège wafer is heavier, sweeter because pearl sugar is added, and is eaten without garnish or some extra sugar.

Blood sausage and weisswurst

Flickr: avlxyz

Weisswurst is a white sausage made with milk. The delicate taste and fine texture is different from the other sausages you can buy. Weisswurst is grilled or baked and is tasty with mashed potatoes and apple sauce. The black sausage is made with blood and is very tasty as well.


The fries in Belgium are the best you can find. Even if we do say so ourselves. There are several chip stalls in every town where you can buy fries, along with a wide choice of sauces and special meats.

Mashed potatoes or ‘stoemp’

Flickr: Alan (merrionsq)

Mashed potatoes are prepared with milk, butter and sometimes an egg yolk is stirred into it. Vegetables can be mixed in as well, then you for example have root puree or endive puree.


Flickr: Nate Gray: A Culinary (Photo) Journal

Flickr: Nate Gray: A Culinary (Photo) Journal

These small grey shrimps are caught in the North Sea. You can buy them shelled or unpeeled. They are delicious in a dish where a tomato is stuffed with shrimp, with an egg or you can just eat them pure.


Flickr: portmanteaus

There are more than 2,000 chocolatiers in Belgium who make the most delicious chocolate. The quality is guaranteed by a law dating from 1884 in which the composition of chocolate is laid down. You can find the chocolate in specialty stores in cities and municipalities, but also in the department store.

Beef stew with beer 

Flickr: Kmeron

Beef stew prepared with a heavy Belgian beer. Delicious with fries.

Filet Américain

Flickr: Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It.

Raw meat, shopped up and mixed with spices and an raw egg yolk.

Biscoff or ‘speculaas’ 

Flickr: jenny downing

Speculaas is made with cinnamon. It is a biscuit that is often served alongside a coffee in a café. The biscuits are sold at bakers’ shops as well as in department stores.


Flickr: Smabs Sputzer

A kind of meal soup with a nice sauce, chicken or fish and vegetables.

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