Recognition of diplomas

University degrees are not automatically recognized throughout the EU. It is therefore possible that you still have to go through an entire procedure in order to obtain recognition for your degree or diploma if you wish to continue studying in another EU country. If you already know that you want to continue studying in another country at a later date, you can already check whether your diploma will be recognized there.

The governments of the EU countries remain responsible for their own education systems and are therefore free to decide whether or not to recognize university degrees obtained elsewhere.

Compare your degree

In most cases, you will be able to obtain ‘equivalence recognition’ or ‘diploma appreciation’ of your university degree, indicating which diploma corresponds to the country you are going to. To do this, you must contact an ENIC-NARIC Centre in the country where you want to use your diploma. This can be done in your own country if you have studied abroad, or in another EU country if you are going to work there or continue your studies.

Depending on the country and purpose of your application, the ENIC-NARIC Centre can evaluate your diploma itself or send it to the competent authority.

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