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There are 2 manners to practise or learn Dutch online. Either you just take a look around on the internet and you certainly will find some websites that provide you free excersises. Another possibilty is downloading software to learn or pratice Dutch, but these software programs are not for free.


Here’s a list of possible software programs.
If you want to download the software, just click on the name of the program.

App on your smartphone

There are a few apps you can download and use on your smartphone. These apps can help you learn or improve your Dutch.
If you need more information, just click on the name of the app.


Taking a class

Immigrating to Belgium (

The Flemish gouvernement will guide you in case you want to live in Belgium, more specific if you want to live in Flanders or in Brussels.

Who is entitled to the integration programme? Anyone over the age of 18 who wants to settle in Flanders or Brussels. Some people are obligated to follow the programme. The Flemish government has made a list of the following groups;

  1. Immigrants who:
  • are registered in the State Registry
  • live in the Flemish region
  • and have for the first time a residence permit of more than 3 months


  1. Belgians who:
  • are 18 years or older
  • are not born in Belgium
  • Have at least one parent who is born in Belgium
  • and have not been registered in the National Register for more than 12 consecutive months for the first time.


  1. Foreign-language minor newcomers:
  • the age of 18 is recorded in the National Register for the first time in less than 12 consecutive months with a residence permit of more than 3 months.


  1. Persons integrating who are ministers of worship in a local church or religious community recognised by the Flemish government.


The obligation to participate in the civic integration programme will continue to exist as long as they have not fulfilled this obligation. Attention, for the time being the compulsory integration programme only applies in Flanders. Brussels is taking the final steps towards a commitment (at the earliest 2018).



A civic integration programme consists of:

  • a basic Dutch course
  • an introduction to the Flemish and Belgian society
  • coaching in the search of employment or studies, and towards the provision in terms of culture and leisure activities
  • personal guidance.

The Flemish Agency for Integration and Integration and the two urban agencies in Antwerp (Atlas) and Ghent (IN Ghent) offer the integration programmes.


Dutch language courses

There are a few organizations that provid language courses or you can sign up for a language school.

For more information, click on the name of the organization.

Information about Language schools

Language schools in Brussels

  • Amira Language School
    Rue du Trône 14–16, 1000 Brussels | +32 (0)2 640 68 50 |
  • CPAB
    Avenue Louise 113, 1050 Brussels | +32 (0)2 511 01 09 |
  • Europa Language School
    Chaussée de Waterloo 717A, 1180 Brussels | +32 (0)2 347 44 11 |
  • Fondation 9
    Avenue Louise 485, 1050 Brussels | +32 (0)2 672 52 52 |
  • Languages Unlimited
    Avenue de Broqueville 272, 1200 Brussels | +32 (0)2 534 76 84 |

Language schools in Antwerp

  • Cosmolingua
    Spillemansstraat 10, 2140 Antwerp | +32 (0)3 236 44 00 |
  • Hello Languages
    Eliaertsstraat 32, 2140 Antwerp | +32 (0)49 920 36 08 |
  • Linguapolis
    University of Antwerp, Kleine Kauwenberg 12/Prinsstraat 8, 2000 Antwerp | +32 (0)3 265 48 03 |
  • Stedelijk Onderwijs
    Lange Gasthuisstraat 15, 2000 Antwerp | +32 (0)3 334 34 34 |

Language schools in Ghent

  • WIAMS (children’s courses)
    Boneputstraat 36, 3960 Bree | +32 (0)46 815 29 10 |

Language schools in Liège

  • ADT Translations
    Boulevard Piercot 33, 4000 Liège | +32 (0)4 344 45 66 |
  • Forma Lingua
    Square des Conduites d’eau 9, 4020 Liège | +32 (0)4 349 18 68 |
  • Institut Supérieur des Langues Vivantes
    Place du 20-Août 7, 4000 Liège | +32 (0)4 366 55 17 |

Language schools in Mons

  • Academie des Langues
    Rue de Nimy 65, 7000 Mons | +32 (0)6 536 45 36 |

Learn and practise on your own

If you want learn Dutch on your own, it’s easy to buy study material. You will find this study material in shops like Standaard Boekhandel, De Slegte, Fnac, Acco. If you don’t want to buy books, just take a look around in the library. You’ll definitly find helpfull information under the section ‘Dutch language courses’ and ‘NT2’.

Remember: learning a language will become easier if you use a mix of study material like a dictionnary, grammar exercises, Dutch language courses,…

Language exchange partner

You can also practise your language while having a conversation with a language exchange parnter, also called a language buddy. You can contact this partner and schedule meeting appointments. This person is a native speaker so Dutch is the mother tongue. These meetings give you the opportunity to improve your Dutch in an informal setting.

For more information, click on the name of the organization


Language training

Huis van het Nederlands is an organization for NT2 trainings and Training Dutch as second language. Huis van het Nederlands has a lot of regional departments as you can see in the overview below. For more information about the language trainings, click on the link of the preferred area. The organization will help you to find the right language training matched to your language level.

Below is an overview of the sites of ‘Huis van het Nederlands’

Private lesson

If you would like to practise or learn Dutch with a professional, you can opt for private lessons. In these lessons a professional will practise with you. (teacher, translator,….) A private lesson is not the same as a language buddy, you pay the professional for the private lessons.

Booking private lessons can easily be done online for example via online service sites or private schools.

Below is a short overview of websites or data from private schools;

Alternative ways to learn/ practise a language

As well as all the formal ways of learning or practicing a language, there are also alternative ways. We offer you a few examples;


Language Café

A language café is an organized evening where residents of the city or village talk to each other. Such a language café is organised in different cities. Such event offers many advantages; it is noncommittal, you get to meet new people and you can practise Dutch in an informal way. An evening in a language café is not similar to Dutch courses, it is not organized by teachers. Basically anyone can go to the language café but it is a challenge for absolute beginners!

Macharius Ghent , Bizar Café Ghent , Meetup Brussels


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Soaps, movies and television

By watching Flemish soaps, movies and programmes, you will hear many new words and learn how to use words in the right context. the often you listen to Dutch conversations, the quicker you will be able to understand it. Watching Flemish soaps, films and programmes is not only relaxing, it a part of our society and can easily serve as a topic for discussion. This can promote your integration.

There are 5 major TV channels in Flanders. You can watch these on television with a subscription, but in recently it is as easy to watch online. The only thing required is an e-mail address to create an account on the website of the TV channel. This account allows you to view programs for free, live or otherwise. Click on the icon of the TV channel to go to the website.






A few examples of children’s TV shows:

  • Drakenjagers
  • Generatie K
  • Griezelverhalen voor ettertjes
  • H2O
  • Lazy Town
  • De hopeloze heks
  • Mega Mindy
  • ROX
  • Samson en Gert
  • Piet Piraat
  • Nachtwacht
  • Galaxy Park
  • Bob De Bouwer
  • De Elfenheuvel
  • De Smurfen
  • De wereld rond met Kaatje


A few examples of children’s TV shows:

  • Brandweerman Sam
  • Maya De Bij
  • Super Hero Girls
  • Lexi&Lotti
  • Talking Tom and friends
  • Thomas de trein
  • Aya
  • De avonturen van K3
  • Robocar Poli
  • Looped
  • Sally Bollywood
  • Broer en zus






A few examples of youth TV shows:

  • W817
  • Het eiland
  • Thuis
  • FC de kampioenen
  • Beste vrienden
  • Dieren in nesten
  • Eurosongfestival
A few examples of youth TV shows:

  • Familie
  • De kotmadam
  • Safety First
  • Benidorm Bastards
  • Conny & Clyde
  • Ella
  • Louis Louise
  • David
  • Sarah
  • Blind getrouwd
A few examples of youth TV shows:

  • De mol
  • Komen eten
  • Hotel Römantiek
  • Gert Late night
  • Expeditie Robinson
  • Geubels en de Belgen



A few examples of adults TV shows:

  • Tabula Rasa
  • Eigen kweek
  • Flikken
  • Het journaal
  • Witse
  • Salamander
  • Beau Séjour
  • In Vlaamse Velden
  • Bevergem
  • De Ridder
  • De ronde
  • Van vlees en bloed
A few examples of adults TV shows:

  • De infiltrant
  • Aspe
  • Spitsbroers
  • Zone stad
  • Alloo bij…
  • Cordon
  • Liefde voor muziek
  • Helden van hier
  • Rijker dan je denkt?
  • Spoed
  • Zuidflank
A few examples of adults TV shows:

  • De slimste mens ter wereld
  • Callboys
  • De rechtbank
  • Huizenjagers
  • De pappenheimers
  • Met man en macht
  • Kroost
  • Vermist
  • Ons eerste huis
A few examples of adults TV shows:

  • All you need is Jani
  • Camping Karen en James
  • De inrichters
  • Alles uit liefde
  • Help mijn man is een klusser
  • Grootste plannen
  • Zeg eens euh





Below you can find an overview of some Flemish movies.

Kids Youth Adults
  • Hotel op Stelten
  • Plop en de kabouterschat
  • Anubis en het pad der 7 zonden
  • Piet piraat en het zwaard van zilvertand
  • Het geheim van Mega Mindy
  • Plop en de kabouterbaby
  • Anubis en de wraak van Arghus
  • Mega Mindy en het zwarte kristal
  • K3 en het magische medaillon
  • Mega Mindy en de snoepbaron
  • Plop wordt kabouterkoning
  • Sammy 1
  • Sammy 2
  • K3 bengeltjes
  • K3 dierenhotel
  • Piet piraat en het zeemonster
  • Labyrinthus
  • Mega Mindy versus ROX
  • Ghost Rockers voor altijd



  • Ben X
  • Safety First the movie
  • FC De Kampioenen the movie
  • Trouw met mij
  • Brasserie Romantiek
  • Koko Flanel
  • Max
  • Blinker
  • Oesje
  • Misstoestanden
  • Bo
  • De buurtpolitie: de grote geldroof
  • De Premier
  • Zot van A
  • Hasta La Vista
  • Groenten uit Balen
  • Adem
  • Tot Altijd
  • Rundskop
  • The Broken Circle Breakdown
  • De Helaasheid der dingen
  • Marina
  • D’ardennen
  • Het Varken van Madonna
  • Belgica
  • Le Fidele
  • Vele Hemels
  • Crimiclowns
  • De Zaak Alzheimer
  • Loft
  • Ad Fundum
  • Aanrijding in Moskou
  • Komt een man bij de dokter
  • Dossier K


Radio and Dutch songs


The radio stations in Flanders mainly play English music because it is most popular among the Flemish people. Flanders has a number of popular radio stations and each radio station tries to address a theme or reach a certain target group, such as classical music or aimed at the younger target audience. You can choose your favourite radio station and if you don’t have a radio, you can often listen live to the radio on the station’s website. Click on the icon of a radio station to be redirected to the official website.





This overview is not complete. For a more detailed overview, click here.













English music is popular in Flanders, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t Flemish artists with Dutch songs! Below you can find an overview of some popular Flemish and Dutch artists.


Kids Youth Adults
  • K3
  • De ketnetband
  • Princessia
  • Ghost Rockers
  • Nachtwacht
  • Herman van Veen
  • Kapitein Winokio
  • Mega Mindy
  • Kabouter Plop
  • Spring
  • Samson & Gert
  • Maya de Bij


  • Bazart
  • Bart Peeters
  • Clouseau
  • Gers Pardoel
  • Niels De Stadsbader
  • Lais
  • De Jeugd van tegenwoordig
  • The Opposites
  • Lil Kleine
  • Jeroen Van der Boom
  • Kenny B
  • Eva De Roovere
  • Nielson
  • Bart Peeters
  • Spinvis
  • Stef Bos
  • Boudewijn De Groot
  • Clouseau
  • Raymond van het Groenewoud
  • Stan Van Samang
  • Guus Meeuwis
  • Gorki
  • Udo
  • Yevgueni
  • Jan Smit
  • Herman Van Veen
  • Veldhuis en Kemper



There is an account on spotify of iMined Belgium with 3 playlists full of Dutch music. You can click below on one of the lists.
The first one is for childeren, the second one for the youth and the last one for adults. Enjoy listening!

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