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https://www.singa-belgium.org : connecting individuals with and without migration background  SINGA is above all a community. A community of professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, students, etc. It is a community of “human beings”. People willing to get to know and understand each other.

​Within SINGA, anyone has the possibility to join or carry projects and activities of their choice, to animate workshops, meetings, activities and by doing so become an active member of the SINGA community.

https://stad.gent/ghent-international/city-policy-and-structure/asylum-and-refugees/refugee-taskforce : The Refugee Taskforce is a cooperation between policy, administration, civil society and citizens to facilitate the integration process.

People are fleeing war and persecution from conflict zones like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia,… The city of Ghent, like other cities, is facing a growing number of refugees.

About (60%) are getting recognized as refugees. The city of Ghent believes in a pro-active approach, starting the integration process from day one. The moment asylum seekers arrive in Ghent, they are brought into contact with relevant organizations. In this way they can have a quick access to language courses, volunteer work, leisure activities… This is a two-sided approach, not only speeding up the integration process for the refugees themselves, but also allowing organizations and citizens to get to know newcomers. This is a way to address negative stereotypes and prejudices against refugees.

The Refugee Taskforce gets together on a regular basis to discuss the following topics:

Red cross specialised care at Belgian receptions for asylum seekers:


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