Other projects

Various migrant-related projects are being implemented in Lithuania.

Vilnius International Organization for Migration implements various activities related to the integration of migrants through various projects. The project ”I Choose Lithuania” is very important and useful for migrants. Employees of  “I choose Lithuania” provide consultations and assistance to anyone who wants to come to Lithuania. Consultations on work, education, health care, integration of aliens as family members and other issues are provided.

You can contact the project staff by e-mail at mic@iom.lt or by phone 8 800 22922 (toll-free telephone line in Lithuania) and +370 52 51 43 52.

Center PLIUS (Vilnius) offers Lithuanian language courses for Russian and English speaking migrants. The center also provides social services, legal counseling, organizes citizenship, health education, driving courses and art therapy.

You can contact the project staff by e-mail at sei.plius@gmail.com and by phone +370 683 49117.


Soros International House (SIH) (Vilnius) is an organization whose activities are directly related to the education of adult migrants through language improving. The SMI (Senior Volunteers for Immigrant Integration) project aims to make retired people help migrants and refugees who experience greater social isolation and are more likely to be subject to the risk of social isolation. Seniors have great potential if not remaining in the labour market, at least for contributing to the welfare of society by other means, such as active citizenship and volunteering. During volunteering, elderly people can share their life and work experience with migrants and refugees, thus reducing their social isolation. The TALES@home project (Talking About Language and Emotions at home) aims to help multilingual families create a favourable atmosphere for language learning and family welfare. The project aims to create an innovative mobile application that allows parents and children to capture emotions related to the use of languages in the family. It should help to shape and strengthen positive family members’ emotions and attitudes, promote language learning and thus contribute to building family’s welfare and increasing social inclusion.

You can contact project staff by e-mail at info@sih.lt and by phone 8 5 2724879.

The Red Cross family of Lithuania (Vilnius) implements a project involving refugees and other immigrants. For example, consulting centers for immigrants deal with obstacles to integration of migrants and provide various services: Lithuanian language courses, social and legal advice, Lithuanian Constitution and society courses. Moreover, psychological advice and various trainings strengthening migrants’ social resources are provided, conditions for more effective integration into the labour market and social networks of state institutions and society are created.

You can contact the project staff by phone +370 5 2628037.

Lithuanian Caritas (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda) is carrying out a project the improvement of reception of asylum seekers (refugees) and living conditions. This project aims to improve the system of reception and accommodation of asylum seekers (refugees), while meeting their physical, spiritual, social and educational needs. The center established during the project provides various services to refugees: the improvement of material reception conditions for minors by supplying food, hygiene goods, essential clothing, footwear and, if necessary, school goods; legal, psychological, social counseling; outpatient health services; Lithuanian language and information technology training; (organization of work activities which develop working skills (sewing, knitting, weaving, art, ceramic products, independent management of premises and environment, etc.); the organization of leisure activities (trips, favourite activities, activities for children, i.e. preparation for classes, etc.).

You can contact the project staff by e-mail at info@caritas.lt and by phone + 370 600 90636.