Buddies, cultural mediators

The Centre of National Cultures (Klaipėda)

The Center of National Cultures provides various consultations on issues of national minorities; various events are organized for foreigners: language training; events intended to present and honour other countries’ cultures; exhibitions, etc. There is a reading room where you can get acquainted with daily periodicals and literature of national minorities as well as news.

LDC The House of National Communities (Vilnius)

The House of National Communities seeks to create conditions for the development of consciousness and culture of the country’s national minorities. The House of Commons is active in the fields of culture, education and science, and provides services to members of the public in these areas and carry out various projects related to national minorities.

Kaunas Cultural Center of Various Nations (Kaunas)

Kaunas Cultural Center of Various Nations organizes various events: concerts, art exhibitions, gatherings, poetry readings, culinary heritage and book presentations; trainings and workshops for heads and leaders of national minority communities, leaders, active members of organizations and young people. The Kaunas Cultural Center of Various Nations organizes scientific conferences, workshops and discussions on the history, activities, realities and problems of national minorities, and the processes of integration.

Roma’s Society Centre (Vilnius)

The Roma’s Society Center implements measures for integrating the Roma minority into the life of Lithuanian society; encourages the preservation of the Roma’s national identity, cultural upbringing and intercultural dialogue; collects, systematizes statistical, historical, demographic material on the Lithuanian Roma. The Roma’s Society Center organizes pre-school and pre-primary education of Roma’s children; carries out distant education for adults. This center initiates various Roma’s integration projects, organizes cultural events: concerts, exhibitions, performances of the ensemble ”Roma de drom” working in the centre. The administration of the body collects, systematizes and disseminates material on the Roma minority, assists scientists and students in carrying out research, arrange reports and press releases, take part in television and radio broadcasts, international conferences and projects.

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