Professions for migrants

What is the shortage of specialists and professions in Lithuania?

If your profession coinsides with one of those on the list, it can be a reason to come, work and live in Lithuania.

The last list reports that these employees are required in Lithuania (
 Welder
 Steel frame assembler (installer)
 Metal constructions installer
 Steeplejack of metal constructions installer
 Metal ship hull assembler
 Programme controled machine operator
 Metal processing machine operator
 Tailor
 Bricklayer
 Concrete placer
 Prefabricated buildings constructions installer
 Steeplejack of buildings repairer
 Electrician
 Excavator driver

Are you going to get or already have work permit based on your speciality or experience?

  • If you already have a permit to work in a certain workplace, you cannot work in another workplace with it.
  • If you are only going to get a work permit, it is important to know the following: for a work permit your education must be or be close to the vacancy. That means if you want to get a work permit in Lithuania and take a position of a welder, you will need to submit appropriate education documents.
  • Your employment must be arranged by an employer who needs you, a person with the appropriate qualifications and experience.
  • The procedure for granting a work permit is quite complicated in Lithuania and is organized through the Labor Exchange (not through the Migration Service!). An employer who wants to employ a foreigner applies to his town’s Labor Exchange office and registers a vacancy. If within 14 calendar days the employer does not find the right employee in Lithuania, non EU citizen can be employed. The next procedures are also taken care by the employer, who must carefully submit all documents and meet the requirements.
  • If you stop working, or work permit in Lithuania expires or is cancelled, the grounds for living in Lithuania will also be deleted. You will have to leave the country in a few weeks.

Important! Unfortunately, with an increasing number of migrant workers, more and more people suffer from unfair employers who find ways to “take care” for the termination of a permit. In this case a worker is obliged to leave the country, sometimes even when not all the salary has been paid. Before being employed be sure:ü  to check reputation of the company;ü   read the work contract carefully;ü   if the employer promises a high salary, but writes a different amount in the contract and the rest promises to pay as bonus in cash, later it will be very difficult to prove that you have not been paid the promised salary. If you are a victim of an unfair employer, be sure to inform your local Labour Inspection specialist as soon as possible.

Other situations you can come to work in Lithuania:

  • you are a seafarer, journalist, athlete or performer;
  • you are sent out by a foreign company;
  • you are a victim of illegal work.


Several important facts related to work in Lithuania (updated in March, 2018):

  • Unemployment rate in Lithuania is 7 percent (2018).
  • Average netto salary is 667.3 Euro (2018).
  • The minimum monthly salary is 400 Euro.
  • Minimum hourly rate is 2.45 Euro.
  • State social insurance basic (minimum) pension is 152.92
  • Average social insurance retirement pension was 287.04 Euro (September, 2017).
  • Relations between employee and employer are regulated by the Labour Code
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