CV, motivation letter

Prepare a curriculum vitae (CV) before you start a job search. It would be great if you prepare CV inĀ  Lithuanian.

In Lithuania, at least the minimum knowledge of Lithuanian is usually required in order to get a vacant position. However, if you can not do this, choose English or Russian for writing a CV.

You will find all the necessary information on CV writing on the Europass website, which provides CV templates in different languages and blank CV forms. You will need to remove unnecessary information and fill in your data. If you find the Europass form too complex, you can choose a simpler CV form.

A motivation letter is a CV supplementing document that shows your motivation to do your chosen job. The letter should include your work experience, reveal your personal qualities, your abilities, skills. Motivation letter allows to disclose your benefits to the employer. It also shows if you are the best candidate.

All the necessary information on preparation of motivation letter in English is on the CV Market website at

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