Job seeking

How to start job search?

Searching for a legal job?

If you are searching for a job from your native country, be aware and careful, chech the company you are going to work in, and working conditions. More and more people suffer from illegal employment and employers‘ exploitation. Choose only legal jobs.

Get a visa or temporary residence permit in Lithuania

If you plan to stay in Lithuania for no longer than a year, you can receive a national visa. If you intend to stay longer, you should choose a temporary residence permit. Employment procedures vary depending on the country you arrive from, and if you have a potencial work position.

Prepare CV

If you intend to look for a job by yourself, prepare your CV. Follow job advertisments on the internet. Coming from not EU countries, you can pretend to job positions only according to your profession and job experience. For the beginning of a job search, not only CV  will be useful, but also an approved qualfication (further information on this procedure is available at section “approval of diplomas“). Here are some popular job search websites:

Must know this!

If you are not EU citizen and have a permanent residence permit, you can work on the same conditions as every Lithuanian citizen.

If you have a refugee status (and then a permanent residence permit in Lithuania), the state will promote your employment. If you are recruited through the Labour Exchange, your employer will be supported by the state. Part of your salary costs will be compensated to your employer by the state.

If you have a temporary residence permit in Lithuania, your right to work will depend on the basis your work permit was issued.

  • the law limits the ability to work if you are in the country not on a working basis;
  • residence permit in Lithuania in case of family reunification does not limit your right to work;
  • if you study in Lithuania, you can work only part-time (20 hours a week);
  • if you are in Lithuania for work, a permit is issued for particular workplace and position.

If you are only going to come to work in Lithuania, you must be a highly qualified specialist:

  • have a higher education diploma;
  • have at least 5 years of professional experience equivalent to a higher education qualification;
  • Lithuanian employer who needs a highly skilled worker and intends to pay you a salary of not less than 1.5 average monthly salary wants to employ you.
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