Social security system

Who is insured by the state, free medical help. Before arriving in Lithuania, it is important to know that if you are citizen of the European Union or the European Economic Area, your European Health Insurance Card will be valid in Lithuania. You can apply to a health institution for emergency medical help. Submit your ID document and the card or a provisional replacement certificate.

For more information contact your local authority issuing this card. The card is issued in Lithuania by the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health ( The card is free of charge, it is provided to everyone who has mandatory healthcare insurance in Lithuania. For the issue of the card, you can apply to your city (territorial) health insurance fund in Lithuania. For more information visit

If you temporarily enter Lithuania or another Schengen area holding a visa, you will be required to purchase travel and medical insurance (EUR 30,000) for the Schengen area. What costs are covered by the insurance is shown in the policy document. Such policy only covers urgent medical help. If you feel sick and register for general doctor consultation you will have to pay. Your insurance company will decide upon necessity of the help. Of course, this does not guarantee that the costs will be covered.

After arriving in Lithuania, it is good to know in what way compulsory health insurance is provided in Lithuania. Are you insured if you are a foreigner? There are many terms for this, but above all, if you have never paid taxes to the state of Lithuania, you will probably have no access to public insurance. If you have a permanent residence permit in Lithuania, you will be subject to similar terms as for Lithuanian citizens. You will be insured if you are:ü  student;ü  employed;ü  unemployed but having registered in the Labor Exchange;ü  retired pensioner of Lithuania;ü  person who is self-contributing to compulsory health insurance.If you are insured, you can check here.

If you have a temporary residence permit in Lithuania, you will be insured only if you work (you will be registered as an employee or as a person carrying out an individual activity according to a certificate or a business certificate). You cannot pay for compulsory health insurance yourself only based on a visa or a temporary residence permit in Lithuania. If you are not insured by the state, you will have to pay for the provided medical care. If you have minors in Lithuania who have a temporary residence permit in Lithuania, they will not be insured as well. On an exceptional basis unaccompanied minor foreigners are insured by the state.

Having compulsory health insurance, you can register with a GP in a healthcare institution. That means if you feel bad, you will not only be able to receive urgent help, but also consult your GP free of charge, and if indicated by a doctor, consult a particular specialist.

If you are insured with compulsory health insurance and if it belongs/will belong to you in the future, you can find out by contacting the Health Insurance Fund by phone number 8 700 88888 in Lithuania, calling from abroad contact by phone number +370 5 236 4114 or by sending an e-mail More information at