If you are in Lithuania and you need urgent medical help, call emergency number 112. You can also go to the reception of any hospital and wait in the common reception queue. Have an ID document with you and, if you have one, a European Health Insurance Card or Travel and Medical Expenses Insurance.

For a full list of Lithuanian hospitals.

If you have a temporary or permanent residence permit in Lithuania, you have the right to address to a GP. You can make an appointment with a GP at any health care center, regardless to your residence town in Lithuania. If you are insured by the state, your GP’s consultation will be free of charge.

You can check if you are insured here.

If you have no state insurance, you will have to pay for the services. Service fees vary depending on the health institution. Fee of GP’s consultation (without examination) ranges from 10 to 30 Eur.

If you get sick, inform your GP. If you do not have fever and can wait, you must register in advance with your GP and come at the appointed time. Free of charge you can usually consult with a doctor, a particular specialist, usually, only with recommendation (referral) by the GP. If you feel very bad or have fever, after informing about this at the reception, you can contact your GP under the urgency procedure.

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