Requalification courses

Once you arrived in Lithuania and received a temporary or permanent residence permit in Lithuania, you can take part in retraining programs and courses. Such courses, like language courses, are not the basis for granting a residence permit in Lithuania. You can contact the institution of higher education you are interested in and ask which retraining or redeployment programs they offer. In higher education institutions such studies are called continuous studies. They do not give a degree but provide opportunity to achieve the desired qualification. The major problem is that courses or study programs are held in Lithuanian.

Important! Foreigners seeking Lithuanian citizenship must pass Lithuanian exam. No other language norms apply to third-country nationals who seek work or engage in other legal activities in Lithuania.

Not only schools of higher education, but also labor market centers and territorial Labor Exchange offices offer retraining courses. You can choose a paid program, but first contact organization consultants as you may pretend for free courses (these courses are usually offered to long-term unemployed, young people, young mothers, and other groups of people who have difficulties participating in the labor market). Opportunity to participate in free education programs differs in each municipality and depends on funding and ongoing projects. If you already live in Lithuania, contact your local labor office or work center at

Links to some vocational training and labor market centers in 5 major cities in Lithuania:

Vilnius Žirmunai Labour Market Training Centre
Vilnius Jeruzalė Labour Market Training Centre
Kaunas:  Kaunas Petrašiūnai Training Centre
Klaipėda: Ernestas Galvanauskas Vocational Training Center
Šiauliai: Šiauliai Labour Market Training Centre
Panevėžys: Panevėžys Labour Market Training Centre

Higher Education Studies

If you want to study in Lithuania and do not speak Lithuanian, you can choose one of the international higher education institutions or study programs in the Russian or English languages offered by higher education institutions in Lithuania.

International Higher Schools offering studies only in English:

International School of Law and Business
ISM University of Management and Economics
LCC International University

You can also choose other higher education institutions (universities and colleges) and find out which study programs are offered in non-Lithuanian.

Important! International students studying programs in a foreign language have no access to state scholarships in Lithuania.

If you speak Lithuanian, you can apply on common procedures, and pretend for study grants and scholarships.

Studies in Lithuania give you the right for a temporary residence permit in Lithuania on the basis of studies. It is important that upon the study-based permit you can work only part-time, i.e. 20 hours per week. Also, if you have a study-based residence permit and you will seek for permanent residence (this requires 5 years of residence in Lithuania), your time of residence in Lithuania will be halved. After 5 years of study, it will be estimated that you lived in Lithuania for only 2.5 years.

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