Recognition of diplomas

You can apply for the recognition of qualifications personally, through a proxy or send by registered mail.

For the recognition of your diploma, you must submit the following documents to the Centre for Quality Assessment In Higher Education (SKVC):

  • Application formĀ  ( diplomas that show the education you want to recognize in Lithuania. If the educational qualifications are not in English or Russian, translations of these documents into Lithuanian are necessary,
  • a notarized copy of the ID document;
  • if your name or surname changed, i.e. your name and surname in your ID document are different from the documents in the educational qualifications, you will have to submit a document proving the change of name (marriage or divorce certificate, etc.).

More about recognition of qualifications in Lithuania: .

You can consult SKVC specialist on recognition of your qualifications by calling +370 5 210 47 72 or email

If you want to recognize the qualification of a health professional in Lithuania, you will not only need to receive recognition of SKVC. SKVC will inform you if you need additional learning / course hours to be able to approve the license. Once you have an answer from SKVC, contact the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania (, which makes the final decision on the issue of a medical license. It is important to know that to be able to work, you will need to pass the official language (Lithuanian) category II exam (equivalent to level B1-B2).

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