Communication between sex

Lithuanians are respectful with a conservative demeanor. They are formal and tend not to use many physical gestures. Usually, men and women do not touch whilst talking. Although patting on the shoulder might be observed. It is recommended not to point with a single finger, but to use the whole hand with the palm facing up. Men and women have the same opportunities. It is important to mention that men behave in a polite manner by opening door for women or letting them enter first.

Eye contact is crucial. Lithuanian business people prefer to look into the eyes of their partners while discussing business opportunities. Maintaining good eye contact is a sign of respect and demonstrates how seriously someone is taking the subject of discussion.

Formal greeting is a firm handshake. Close friends and family may give each other light hugs or exchange kisses on the cheek.

Personal space is important to Lithuanians. Personal space is indicated by the length of an arm. Although, it might be more intimate with family and close friends. Lithuanians generally are very affectionate with their family, friends and colleagues.

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