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Museum of Genocide Victims

The Museum of Genocide Victims (also called the KGB Museum) is an excellent museum that provides visitors an opportunity to look into Lithuania’s recent history.

The ground floor feature photographs and exhibits with clear explanations in English and other foreign languages. At the basement floor there was a former KGB prison situated. It contained torture chambers and offices. Although hard to take, a visit to the Museum of Genocide Victims is necessary to understand Lithuania’s recent history.

Address: Aukų St. 2A, Vilnius

Gates of Dawn

The only remaining city gate from the former city wall that surrounded Vilnius. Gates of Dawn are both historically significant for Lithuania and Christianity. In the chappel of Gates of Dawn there is the icon of The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy that is one of most famous Lithuanian paintings in Renaissance style. The painting was glorified and considered to be holly by the Catholics, Orthodoxes and Uniates (Greek Orthodox). It is kown througout the world as its copies are possessed by many churches in different countries. Visitors being short in time to visit the chappel can see the gold painting of Virgin Mary from the outside.

Address: Aušros Vartų St. 14, Vilnius

Hill of Three Crosses

The Hill of Three Crosses is the place of historic and national importance. It is thought that the three crosses were erected in the 17th century by Franciscan monks that were murdered. The original crosses were wooden but after starting to rot were replaced with stone ones. Later, the crosses were destroyed by the Soviets, but afterwards they were rebuilt by the sculptor Henrikas Silgalis.

Address: Park of Kalnai (Hills), Vilnius

Gediminas’ Tower

The symbol of Vilnius Gediminas’ Tower is easily reached from Old Town of Vilnius. It was home of Grand Duke Gediminas in the 1400s. What is visible today is the last remaining tower of the castle. A wonderful Vilnius city view opens from the top of Gediminas’ Tower.

Address: Arsenalo St. 5, Vilnius

Cathedral Square and Vilnius Cathedral

Vilnius Cathedral and its neighboring Bell Tower and the Square are symbols of Vilnius. They are located near Gediminas’ Tower and the Hill of Three Crosses. Vilnius Cathedral is worth a visit to see beautiful architecture and interior decor of the building.

Address: Cathedral Sq., Vilnius

Kaunas Castle

Beautiful ruin of the 13th century castle is located in Santaka Park. It was the first defensive bastion and the only double-walled castle in Lithuania. It is thought to had been used to defend the nearby Trakai Island Castle. Currently, visitors can enter the remaining part of the castle to see exhibits of castle ruins and learn more about the history Kaunas Castle.

Address: Pilies St. 17, Kaunas

Winding Streets of Old Town

Klaipėda has a unique old town that differs from Vilnius or Kaunas. Its architecture was influenced by German style architecture. The best place in the old town to admire the beautiful architecture is Klaipeda’s old town square.


Though situated in the Curonian Spit Smiltynė is considered to be a part of Klaipėda. It can only be reached by ferry. In Smiltynė visitors will discover stunning nature paths, perfect for hikers or cyclists. Visitors interested in swimming in the Baltic Sea can also walk to the sea facing side of the Curonian Spit. Additionally, in Smiltynė there is Lithuanian Sea Museum that could be looked over.

Address: Smiltynė, Klaipeda

Please be invited to visit cinemas

Forum Cinema (www.forumcinemas.lt ): Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda.

Please be invited to visit theaters and concert halls

National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre was established in 1920. It aims to popularize classical professional music, to capacitate talented performers to participate in activities of the theatre, and to form the image of Lithuanian culture abroad.

Address: A. Vienuolio St. 1, Vilnius

Klaipėda Concert Hall (www.koncertusale.lt )

Exciting concerts and projects for children are arranged each season. The performances take place on the outdoor stage in the summers.

Address: Šiaulių St. 36, Klaipėda

Kaunas State Musical Theatre (www.muzikinisteatras.lt )

If you look for a place to have a good time, the perfect selection is Kaunas State Musical Theatre. Professional performers, wonderful music and cosy environment will make your evening unforgettable.

Address: Laisvės Ave. 91, Kaunas

Other events, concerts can be found at:

Do you want to attend free events? The information is provided at www.nemokamirenginiai.com

All necessary information about purchasing tickets can be found at www.bilietai.lt;  www.tiketa.lt.

If you are interested in visiting supermarkets, find information at www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g274947-Activities-c26-t143-Lithuania.html

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