Lithuanians like good, tasty and filling foods. The tradition of eating well is inherited from the ancestors who used to say “The one who eats well, works well”. Lithuanian traditional cuisine has taken shape over many centuries. It has been highly influenced by cultural clashes with neighboring nations. A good example is a potato cake – kugelis which was adapted from the German cuisine. It has become one of most favorite dishes in Lithuania nowadays.

What are the most popular ingredients?

Potatoes, rye, beetroot, various meat, dairy products.

Traditional Dishes in Lithuania

“Cepelinai”. Zeppelins are big, round shaped dumplings made from grated potatoes and stuffed with meat. They are usually served with mushroom and sour cream sauce.

Do You want to make and taste Zeppelins? Watch this video

“Juoda duona”. This kind of bread is the oldest Lithuanian traditional food. Lithuanian dark (brown) rye bread is fresh, delicious and can be eaten during breakfast, lunch or dinner.

“Šaltibarščiai” (Cold Borscht / Beetroot Soup). Beetroot soup is a popular summer soup because it is cold. It is made from cooked shredded beets, kefir, cucumber, dill, green onions, boiled eggs. This soup is served with boiled potatoes.

Do You want to make and taste Cold Beetroot Soup? Watch this video

“Bulviniai blynai” (Potato pancakes). These pancakes are made from potatoes. Sometimes meat filling is put inside.

“Balandėliai” (Little Doves). This dish is made from cabbage leaves stuffed with minced meat, rice and onion filling.

“Grybienė” (Mushroom soup). Mushroom soup is usually made from mushrooms, sour cream, and various spices.

“Varškės sūris” (Cottage Cheese). Triangle shaped cottage cheese is very popular in Lithuania. It may also be flavored by jelly bits.

“Gira“ (Kvas). It is a fermented drink made from black rye bread.

“Šakotis” or “bankuchen”. The name means “branched tree” or “tree with many branches”. It is one of the most important desserts, especially at weddings.

Important! All of these dishes and drinks can be enjoyed at cafes and restaurants.

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