Rights and obligations

Each country must respect human rights, including people coming from other countries. EU Member States must guarantee human rights for all people living in it. Therefore, the basic human rights standards must be complied with:

  • to ensure the necessary health care for all, i.e. first aid and basic health-care, such as the opportunity to visit a doctor or receive the necessary medication;
  • to ensure pregnant women with the same health-care services as their own citizens, and to provide children with the same health and education opportunities as children of their own citizens;
  • in in the area of justice, ensure that there is a mechanism that allows a person to lodge a complaint or receive a compensation, for example, in the event of an accident at work.

After joining the EU, Lithuania has developed and is improving the legal framework for foreigners. The Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Legal Status of Aliens has been adopted in Lithuania. The purpose of this law is to determine the procedure for appeals against foreigners’ entry and exit, stay and residence, granting of asylum, integration and naturalization, decisions on the legal status of foreigners and regulate other issues of foreigners’ legal status in Lithuania.

Rights and obligations of foreigners (Valstybės žinios, 2004-04-30, Nr. 73-2539):

  • foreigners in Lithuania have the rights and freedoms set forth in the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, international treaties, Lithuanian laws and EU legal acts;
  • foreigners in Lithuania are equal in accordance with law, regardless of their gender, race, nationality, language, origin, social status, religion, beliefs or opinions;
  • foreigners in Lithuania must comply with the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, laws and other legal acts;
  • foreigners, upon request from police officers or other law enforcement officials, must provide their identity document (travel document, residence permit or other), as well as other documents which provide the purpose and conditions of stay in the country and which prove that they are lawfully in Lithuania;
  • foreigners have the right to apply for temporary, permanent permits for residence and asylum in Lithuania;
  • foreigners are entitled to refugee status;
  • foreigners are entitled to social and economic rights (right to work, health care, education, etc.).
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