Character traits

Romanians are hardworking people. They love animals and nature.

Romanians are hospitable, sometimes up to naivety. They put their best on the table, even if sometimes they have to borrow… it is important not to embarrass themselves and their guests have to feel wonderful in their house.

Romanians help their children even if they become adults. Parents invest a lot in their education, sacrifice themselves for paying their preparatory hours, their studies… “They help them to become SOMEBODY!”

Romanian people love wasting food or overeating. On holidays, they make a lot of food, much more than they need, which they throw in the garbage or give it to the animals in the yard.

Romanians have a native intelligence above de average, which allows them to play several professional roles at the same time, to obtain multiple qualifications and specializations, to speak foreign languages. When talent meets work, the results are phenomenal: Olympic contests, contests of inventions, scientific research…

The Romanians have a sense of beauty and aesthetics totally unique … The Romanian dresses carefully, elegantly even in comparison to the Westerners, and especially at the moments of celebration in the family: wedding, baptism, birthday. They have a special cult of flowers and a permanent desire to beautify their house. Women are groomed, even stylish, concerned about physical appearance.

Romanians do not love to live in rented houses. If they have no choice or if the job so requires, the Romanians are renting. Otherwise, they will do their best to have their own house, their own backyard.Romanians don’t have enough patience. They are not constants in their work. Even if they start with enthusiasm, sometimes they leave work unfinished.

Romanians are a people deeply religious. Even though not all are Christian practitioners, they have a respect and a bow for the holy things.

Romanians are reactive, not proactive. I mean, something serious must happen, that they react and make decisions. They do not have preventative behavior, and this is best seen in the way they do not take care of their health. They are the first people in Europe in cardiovascular diseases due to unhealthy eating, lack of physical movement and stress.

“Work (as a way of social affirmation), family (security context) and religiosity (which give us meaning and meaning in life) are the three major milestones that define the life of the Romanians.” (Daniel David – Editura Polirom, 2015)

David Daniel, 2015, Psihologia poporului român. Profilul psihologic al românilor într-o monografie cognitiv-comportamentală,  Editura Polirom, Iaşi.

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