Main holidays

January 24 – The Day of the Union of Romanian Principalities

The Union of the Romanian Principalities, also known as the Little Union, took place in the middle of the nineteenth century by uniting the states of Moldova and Wallachia under the name of the United Principalities of Moldova and Wallachia. The union was related to the personality of Alexandru Ioan Cuza and to his election as ruler of both principalities on 5 January 1859 in Moldova and on 24 January 1859 in Wallachia.[1]

Fig. 13 – Celebration of the Small Union, in Focsani, symbolic of the union of 1859

December 1 – National Day of Romania

Romania’s national day ran from 1866 to 1947 on May 10, then from 1948 to 1989 on 23 August. By law no. 10 of 31 July 1990, promulgated by President Ion Iliescu and published in the Official Gazette no. 95 of 1 August 1990, December 1 was adopted as a national day and a public holiday in Romania. This provision was resumed by the Romanian Constitution of 1991, Article 12, paragraph 2. The anti-Communist opposition in Romania advocated in 1990 for the adoption of 22 December as a national holiday, a fact recorded in the transcripts of the parliamentary debates.[2]

The election of December 1, though unexplained, made reference to the unification of Transylvania, Banat, Crisana and Maramures with Romania in 1918, and the Alba Iulia Proclamation, which took place on 1 December 1918.

The first national day of December 1, celebrated at the central festivities, took place in Alba Iulia in 1990.[3]

Fig. 14 – National Day parade in Bucharest





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