Behaviour with children

There is a special law on child protection in Bulgaria. According to it, every child must be respected. Every person under 18 years of age is considered to be a child. The rights of the child can be grouped as follows:

  • Provision: ensure that children have the right to health care, education and other services that will give them a good standard of living. This includes good food, a warm bed and access to school; protection of their religious beliefs.
  • Protection: children have the right of protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination.
  • Participation: children have the right to express their ideas, have the right to information; have the right to a hearing in court if this is necessary to protect their rights.

No one has the right to abuse, harass, insult or neglect a child!
No one has the right to force a child to do a job that is harmful to him/her!
No one has the right to force a child to beg!

If someone forces a child to prostitute, sell his/her body for money, in exchange for food, clothing, or anything else, or threatens and abuses a kid – the child should immediately seek help and protection. In Bulgaria there is a special telephone line for children at 116111 ( ) A special state institution for child protection is working in Bulgaria – State Agency for Child Protection:

Child labor in Bulgaria is subject to strict regulation. These are considered crimes under the law:

  • all forms of slavery or slavery-like practices such as child trafficking, servitude for debt and serfdom in general, and forced labor, including forced recruitment of children for use in military conflicts;
  • the use, delivery or supply of children for prostitution, for the production of pornography or pornographic performances;
  • using, supplying or offering children for illegal activities, in particular for drug production and trafficking;
  • work that, by its nature, or in the circumstances in which it is exercised, is likely to harm children’s health, safety and morals.
  • production of child pornography for distribution purposes;
  • offering and allowing access to child pornography;
  • distribution of child pornography;
  • provision of child pornography for private purposes or for the purposes of others;
  • possession of child pornography.

Bulgaria is a party to the UN Convention on the Protection of the Rights of the Child. More specifically, the text of the Convention can be found here:

More about parents’ responsibilities, different rights and obligations for children, depending on the type of parental relationship you can find here:

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