The style of dressing in Bulgaria is similar to the style in the other European countries. Bulgarians do not follow or observe certain rules or style during their everyday activities. Everyone relies on their own senses and understanding of style, culture and portliness. When it is about an official event or a business meeting, a certain dress code is observed. Men wear a costume and shirt in neutral colors, as well as dark well cleaned shoes. Conservative, but stylish dressing is preferred. Women rely on dresses, costumes and skirts, which are neither too wide, nor too tight or short. Wearing disclosing or provocative clothes at official or business events is unacceptable. Whether a strict dress code or an individual daily style is chosen, the Bulgarian tries to look neat and be clean.

An example of the clothes produced by a contemporary Bulgarian designer, source 

Winter time in Bulgaria can be pretty cold – temperatures ranging from 0 to -10 degrees Celsius. You should be prepared with warm clothes from November till February.

Winter in Sofia: Source 

Summertime is hot and you would need to consider having light and thin clothes. Spring and Autumn are intermediate seasons with varying temperatures, with great amplitudes – from zero to 20, so you need to be prepared with a jacket and an umbrella.


Dress code at work

Business culture in Bulgaria

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