The most widely spread religion in Bulgaria is the Christianity. Our nation traditionally is Orthodox Christian. About 86% of the Bulgarian citizens are Christian. More than 100 000 of those are protestant, about 80 000 are catholic and the rest are orthodox. There are also about 20 000 Armenians in Bulgaria, who are a part of the Christian Armenian Apostolic Church.

Islam is the second biggest religion in Bulgaria. About 13% of Bulgarian citizens are Muslim.  The ethnicity of the Muslims in Bulgaria is as follows: Turks, Pomaks, Roma, Tatars, Circuses.

There are about 4500 Jews in Bulgaria, who are a part of the Jewish religious community.

There are about 100 000 Qizilbash.

Several dozen sectarian groups are also present – on a Christian basis, on a Hindu and on a Hindu-Christian basis. The total number of sectarians in Bulgaria (Mormons, Yahovists, Moonists, Crusaders, Scientologists, Satanists, etc.) is about 5,000.

Officially, there are 30 religions communities registered in the country as religions. Besides, there are about 50 associations and foundations, which conduct religious and religious-educational activities. Some groups implement such activities without official registration.

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