Requalification courses

The National agency for vocational education and training (NAVET) is a state agency within the Council of ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria, established by the Law on vocational education and training in 2000. The rules of procedure of NAVET have been published in the State gazette on 24 March 2000.

NAVET provides the methodological framework for the development of the national system of vocational education and training and for the professional orientation in Bulgaria and contributes to its modernization in the context of lifelong learning and continuing vocational education for the purpose of ensuring the quality of the human resources in the country and their successful integration in the labour market.

NAVET is responsible for licensing the providers of VET courses in the country.

NAVET also maintains a complete list of all licensed VET providing centers, which provides information where a certain professional qualification can be obtained.

NAVET news page as well as their facebook page also provide information about various programmes for training and re-qualification, participation in which could be almost entirely for free.

Courses for vocational qualification and re-qualification should be provided also by the VET schools in the country, however, due to the lack of sufficient interest from potential trainees and the heavy school agenda of the teachers, such courses are rarely implemented. Still, you can check with a vocational school from your regions. This site provides information about schools in different regions and the professions they educate in.

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