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 Official organizations (State institutions, consulate, embassy etc.)

The Ministery of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the institution of central public administration which implements the foreign policy of Romania, in accordance with the legislation in force and with the Government’s Program. For that purpose the Ministry works closely with other government institutions, with representatives of the civil society, the business community, the cultural and academic institutions.

Romanian Border Police  (RO and EN)

The Romanian Border Police is part of the Ministry Internal Affairs and is the specialized state institution which carries out the tasks appertaining to it and referring to the surveillance and control of the crossing of the state border, the prevention and fight against illegal migration and against acts specific to cross border criminality carried out in its area of competence, to the compliance with the judicial regime of the state border, passports and foreigners, the ensuring of the interests of the Romanian state at the lower Danube and the Macin and Sulina Canal located outside the border area, in the contiguous area and in the economic area located in the exclusive economic area, the keeping of public order and peace in its area of competence under the conditions of the law (art. 1 of the Emergency Ordinance no. 104 of June 27th 2001 regarding the organizing and functioning of the Romanian Border Police).

Structure of the Romanian Border Police

Border Crossing Points of Romania

Romanian Diplomatic Missions:

Embassies. Consular Missions.


For foreign visitors/ immigrants please consult the list of states whose citizens (anexa 1), holders of simple passports, are required a visa upon entry on the Romanian territory. No taxes for Romanian Visa.

 Please consult the  list of states whose citizens (anexa 2)holders of simple passportsare not required a visa to travel to Romania.

The regime applicable to the holders of diplomatic and service passports, official passports or seamen’s books – Anexa 3.

Diplomatic Missions:  in Romania

General Inspectorate for Immigration

The General Inspectorate for Immigration is organized and acts as a specialized structure of the central public administration. It is a public institution with legal personality, coordinated by Ministry of Internal Affairs, in accordance with the Law no.118/2012 published in the Official Journal of Romania, Part I, no.461 of 9 July, 2012 and regarding the approval of the Government Emergency Order no.18/2012 amending the Government Emergency Order no.30/2007 on the organization and functioning of the Ministry of Administration and Interior.

The General Inspectorate for Immigration was set up through the reorganization of the Romanian Office for Immigration and fulfils its tasks under the law in order to implement Romanian policies in the fields of migration, asylum, and foreigners’ integration as well as the relevant legislation in these fields.

The activity of the General Inspectorate for Immigration is a public service and is carried out in the interest of persons and the community, supporting the state institutions, exclusively under the law and for the enforcement of the law.

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