Hospitals (addresses + links)

The hospitals (bolnici plural and bolnica singular) in Bulgaria are the facilities, providing specialized stationary and ambulatory medical services.

Bulgarian medicine defines out-of-hospital treatment (pre-hospital and post-hospital services) and hospital treatment.

The hospitals can be multi-profiled – for treating various ailments and/or specialized – for emergency treatment, internal diseases, cardiology, oncology, gynecological, dermatological, etc.

As far as the ownership is concerned, the hospitals can be municipal, state and private ones.

The majority of the hospitals in Bulgaria are state or municipal owned.

Here you can see the register of all hospitals in Bulgaria, by region (available in English).

At the website of the Bulgarian ministry of health – you can check all medical institutions in the country, and also all the services they provide (the website is available in Bulgarian).

Additionally you might want to check the website of the European commission giving detailed information about specific cases of seeking medical treatment.

Here below some quick references to big hospitals in Sofia (for other cities, check the link to the register above):

University multi-profile hospital for active treatment „Aleksandrovska“, Jsc, known as Aleksandrovka hospital is one of the biggest state owned hospitals in the country

Address: 1431 Sofia, 1 “St. Georgi Sofiyski” Blvd.
Fax: 02/9230 646

Photo: By Ivan Ivanov – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

University multi-profile hospital for active treatment „Tsaritsa Yoana – ISUL known as ISUL (Institut za specializaciya i usuvurshenstvane na lekarite – “Institute for specialization of doctors”)

Address: 8 “Byalo more” Street, Sofia 1527

Tel. 02/9432170

Photo: By Spiritia – Собствена творба, CC BY-SA 4.0,

University multi-profile hospital for active treatment and emergency medicine „Nikolay Ivanovich Pirogov“, Jsc is the largest center for emergency medical aid in Bulgaria

Address: Sofia, 21 “Totleben” Blvd.

Common numbers: 02 9154 411, 02 952 11 61
Information: 02 9154 411, 02 9154 213
Registering adult patients: 02 9154 213
Registering children: 02 9154 558
Medical center: 02 9154 574
Emergency aid: 02 9154 213

Photo: Ivan Ivanov, source