Professions for migrants

Even if there could be difficulties for migrants to find a job in Bulgaria there are opportunities. These opportunities are mostly related to the fact that migrants often speak more than one “exotic” language for the Bulgarian market. The spoken languages can allow them to work in call centers or in companies, which need consultants for these languages; оr as teachers for a particular language.  Also in the process of learning Bulgarian and getting further qualification in the country, migrants can look for employment, which does not necessarily require a diploma. Jobs like cooks and kitchen staff, housekeeping staff, sewing machinists, salespersons/consultants, cleaners, drivers, operators of specialized agricultural equipment, fitters/installers, seasonal forestry, fishery, and agriculture workers, manufacturing and construction workers, general laborers, etc.

For immigrants who have high qualification, obtained in their own countries there are possibilities to have a job for highly-qualified personnel – doctors, IT specialists, engineers, etc. They will need to have their language skills in Bulgarian improved (or learn Bulgarian if they do not speak the language). In foreign companies there is even the opportunity to work directly in another language (for example English, German, Italian). People, who have diplomas, acquired in their home countries, may need to get them recognized in Bulgaria (more about this you can read in the point “Education”).

In Bulgaria functions the so called National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, which gives the criteria for obtaining various professions as well as directions to VET providing, certified organizations throughout the whole country – the register of these training organizations is available also in EN language. Therefore, if you have a certain profession, obtained from your country of origin, it is advisable for you to find a certified training provider in your new location for the purpose of passing a test or a tailored course in order to get a certificate for practicing also in Bulgaria (following the logic of ECVET)