Job seeking

For immigrants seeking job in Bulgaria it is very important to consider their statute first. Illegal immigrants (those who do not have any ground to stay in the country) can be deported or expelled at any time; working in Bulgaria is not a possibility for these people.

Legal immigrants are foreign citizens, who have received permission by the Bulgarian authorities to enter the country (a visa) and to stay on the territory (received permission for legal residence). In order to receive permission for legal residence, the immigrant must enter the country with a special visa (visa D). The tourist visa (visa C) gives the right only to a short term stay of up to 3 months, without the right to request a longer-terms residence. The longer-term residence is the following types (check here information about seeking asylum in Bulgaria):

  • Prolonged (up to 1 year);
  • Long-term (up to 5 years);
  • Permanent (no fixed term).

Each of these types of residence is subject to specific requirements and the immigrant will have to submit documents that prove he/she meets these requirements. The permissions for the different types of residence are issued by the Directorate “Migration” of the Ministry of interior. The requirements and the example of documents, which have to be submitted are published on the website of the Directorate. These documents are available only in Bulgarian language.

It is only legal immigrants with a long-term or permanent residence that are entitled to employment.

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