Employment organizations

The Bulgarian government has an electronic system in which it publishes all offers for free job places around the country. This electronic system is maintained by the Bulgarian Employment Agency and in it one can find all job offers placed in the Labor offices around the country. The system allows search according to different criteria – work placement, region where one wants to work, type of contract, level of education the person has, etc.

In Bulgaria there are also a number of non-governmental (private) job seeking sites, which maintain active job offers. Some of the richest sites with job offers are:

  1. A portal with job offers, which also has an English version – jobs.bg
  2. A portal with job offers, which has both English and Russian versions – zaplata.bg
  3. A portal with job offers, which is available only in Bulgarian – rabota.bg
  4. A portal with job offers with Bulgarian and English versions – jobtiger.bg
  5. A portal with job offers available only in Bulgarian – mycv.bg

One can also use search engines that combine the offers from different job offering sites like:


Or websites that are specifically targeted at job offers in certain places (like the capital Sofia, or big cities around the country):

Job offers in Sofia
Job offers in Plovdiv
Job offers in Plovdiv
Job offers in Plovdiv
Job offers in Burgas
Job offers in Burgas

Additional opportunities are available at the international labour exchange website http://gastrobaiter.com/ The website is available in Bulgarian, English, French, German, Italian, Romanian.

When seeking job in Bulgaria, migrants can get help from different NGOs or from the migrant communities in the country. Some of the communities have the so called “cultural mediators”. The cultural mediators work closely with the Bulgarian branch of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and the International organization for migration. More about these contacts and possibilities you can read in the point “Info points”.

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