Project title – Improving the Initial Education of Adult Immigrants
Project number – 2016-1-LT01-KA204-023223
Acronime – 2IMINED (2=to; IM=improve; IN= initial; ED=education)

2IMINED project team which is represented by 6 countries – Belgium, Bulgaria, Italia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania – created an e-platform Its main aim is to help immigrants to integrate more successfully into the host society.

Each 2IMINED project country, on the same topics and sub-topics packages (like Health Care, Education System, Culture, and etc.) has prepared a text and video material in their native, English, and Russian languages, which are based on the country’s specifics and situation. The learning material – combined textual and video material – is in a very simple language, short sentences that immigrants could use tools and easily translate into a language they understand.

As a result, e-platform is easy-to-use and easy to understand for all immigrants and their educators. Immigrants’ basic knowledge and understanding of their host country’s sociocultural life will help to understand the country’s culture, values, social life, and its procedures and features.

Uniqueness of the educational tools developed in the 2 IMINED project

2IMINED project team has developed educational tool which helps immigrants who have no or very little knowledge in host country’s language, sociocultural life, traditions, rules,  and etc. It enables to get all information that they need in one place.

It leads to a successful immigrants‘ integration. They have an opportunity to get free, fast and comfortable access to all needed information by using different topics, like Health Care, Work, History and etc.

Tutorial on using this site, made by partner Pixel

Interview, made by partner Pixel

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